Sometimes.. something.. at all times


sometimes, when you give up on someone, it’s not because you don’t care anymore, but rather because you realize they don’t.

something very simple, but yet so profound: Whosoever does good must know that it is from Allah (Azza-wa-jall) and it is only He who allowed him to do so; and whosoever is protected from evil, must know that it is Allah (Azza-wa-jall) who protected him and there is no one else who can do so.

at all times, be firm in your heart. Ibn Ata’illah stated:
“Relieve yourself of worry after you have planned; do not concern yourself with what Allah has undertaken on your beh


khaizarien said...

Allah knows best. ape yang perlu di beri apa yg perlu Dia mabil semula. semua untuk kebaikan diri kita sendiri supaya kita sentiasa dekat dengan Dia

emieysandra said...

semuanya ketentuanNya, Allah tahu ape yg terbaik buat hambaNya :)

Khairiz said...

khaizarien : yup memang betul Allah maha berkuasa diatas segala2nya :)

Khairiz said...

myra : Yup everything di tangan Nya :)